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Much Ado About Zombies went really well. There was a good attendance for each show, lots of laughs and some lovely reviews. Many thanks to James at for this. Excerpt …

If you’ve ever been involved in a theatrical production, you’ll appreciate a lot of the back-and-forth between the cast and the amusingly inebriated Irish director, portrayed wonderfully by Shenine Rajakarunanayake. When the show finally gets back into the swing of things, we’re treated to a hilarious attempt to stage Claudio’s wedding despite Claudio’s apparent predilection for a recently severed foot instead. Why the stage team are so desperate for the show to continue despite everything is never really explained, but it doesn’t really have to be. Denied a curtain call for amusing reasons, this audience happily applauded anyway.

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Thanks to everyone involved and our lovely audiences. It was great fun!

Much Ado About Zombies

Preparations are well underway and we are rehearsing like crazy! Obviously you want tickets (hint) so you can book here: Edinburgh Festival website

What’s it all about?

“The play is an brand new adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing written and produced by Thread. It is a dark, clever comedy following a theatre company performing at the Fringe during a zombie apocalypse. The crew secure the space and the cast valiantly continue, despite their depleting numbers but as the show progresses the personal relationships spill over into the action on stage. Beatrice is full of regret after too much tequila led to a night of passion with Benedick, who unlike Beatrice is feeling rather pleased with himself. Meanwhile both Claudio and Hero seem a little unwell and not their usual placid selves, the line ‘kill Claudio’ has never seemed to apt.. Much Ado About Zombies offers the familiarity of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, whilst engaging with the very current cultural phenomenon of zombies. The audience are given an interactive and a fresh incarnation of a classic play.”