Much Ado About Zombies went really well. There was a good attendance for each show, lots of laughs and some lovely reviews. Many thanks to James at for this. Excerpt …

If you’ve ever been involved in a theatrical production, you’ll appreciate a lot of the back-and-forth between the cast and the amusingly inebriated Irish director, portrayed wonderfully by Shenine Rajakarunanayake. When the show finally gets back into the swing of things, we’re treated to a hilarious attempt to stage Claudio’s wedding despite Claudio’s apparent predilection for a recently severed foot instead. Why the stage team are so desperate for the show to continue despite everything is never really explained, but it doesn’t really have to be. Denied a curtain call for amusing reasons, this audience happily applauded anyway.

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Thanks to everyone involved and our lovely audiences. It was great fun!